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Holistic massage with Aroma therapy

60  minutes  --  $80.00

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Flagstaff Active Lifestyle Deep Tissue massage.

60  minutes  --  $85.00

This massage incorporates Fire Cupping to relieve stubborn and stressed muscles caused by an active lifestyle.

Ancient Chinese technique benefits include relief from: Migraines, back pain, anxiety & depression, allergies, skin problems such as eczema, & releasing toxins from the body, neck, and shoulders.


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Anti Stress and Anxiety massage with Cranial Sacral therapy, and aroma therapy

70  minutes  --  $95.00

Other popular massages

Reiki                                              30 Min  $45
Happy Feet (Foot massage)        30 Min  $50
Peace Of Mind (Scalp & Neck)   30 Min  $50
Traditional fire cupping             30 Min  $55

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