I would like everyone to know that Jolanta Jenson is the Best for a massage, facial, yoga & meditation sessions.
If you want the Best, go to Jolanta.
She is greatly missed in Mesa, at the Trailhead Spa in Las Sendas Resort!


I have been having massages from Jolanta J. for many years. She is simply amazing. Her knowledge of wellness and how it is

related to massage makes her simply the best therapist I have ever been to.

First to Review

Jolanta has "repaired" me several times, in the years that I have gone to her. She is my GO TO person after crashing my

mountain bike, tweaking my back, AND/OR simply feeling rejuvenated. She is very competent, strong, poised, and over

delivers. She has healing touch, and does her work in an environment that amplifies her gifts and competencies.

While I no longer live in Arizona, I am sitting here, in Todos Santos, Mexico, and just tweaked my back in the waves. And,

the first words I spoke to my wife were "I wish Jolanta was here. She'd speed up my recovery." I'd give her more than 5

stars, but that is my limit. She's a Super Nova!


Jolanta Jensen is the best there is for massages and facials!  She has been my massage therapist for many years and she

always knew just what to do to get my back muscles to behave themselves!  When she started doing facials, I was skeptical

because I have never been a big fan, but the facial she gave me was the most relaxing, rejuvenating experience I have ever

had!  If you get to do a facial AND a massage, you will absolutely be physically and spiritually re-energized!  Losing her

to Flagstaff (I am in Mesa) has been my loss but Flagstaff's gain.  And one of these days, I'm going to go up there for her

services, because she is definitely worth the trip!


I was fortunate enough to find Jolanta in Mesa several years ago as a snowbird and have had many messages and a facial over

the years.  She is a loving and caring skilled person who always gives you her best.  I will miss her so much this winter

in Mesa.  Those of you in Flagstaff are the lucky ones!  Take advantage of this wellness experience.



I’ve been a patient of Jolantas for over 8 years.  My experiences with her as a massage therapist have always exceeded my expectations.  Jolanta is more than a day at the spa, it is a spiritual experience.  She has a way with her touch and intuition, and knows not only where your aches and pains are, but will get to the core of your internal emotions.  Ive learned with her therapy that you must also relax your mind in order to connect with your body.

With the type of work I do, I always have issues with my neck.  Jolanta suggested cranial sacral therapy to me, which she incorporated into my massage treatment.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I knew that she had her reasons.  

As she began to manipulate my neck and move it from side to side as I laid on my back, I could feel a sense of relief in my body.  She continued with light movements starting from my cranium to my sacrum.  It was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep.  

I would recommend this therapy to anyone.  She has introduced me to a new style of therapy that has truly helped my with my day to day activities and the work that I enjoy. Im so looking forward to my next treatment with her.


“I have known Jolanta Jensen for several years and had a chance to observe and experience her teachings of Yoga and Meditation.  Her interpretation of these ancient practices were part of the whole person approach which included massage therapy and facials (for me) and they were life changing for me.  I have nothing but high praise for Jolanta’s professional knowledge which she mixes competently with her outstanding people skills when she establishes a positive atmosphere which goes far beyond the usual provider – client relationship.   I miss her.”
Oh incidentally, I gave you 5 stars.